Order Italian takeaway from nearby Birmingham restaurants

Traditionally, Italian restaurants are where you’ll find lovers old and new, celebrating their anniversaries or possibly stumbling through an awkward first date. Italian is a cuisine synonymous with elegance and romance. Therefore, anyone not in an Italian restaurant with their partner is probably there as a discerning foodie. Where once such foodies may have turned their nose up at a takeaway, they needn’t do so when restaurant-quality food from the Italian restaurants of Birmingham is available for order. 

The modern takeaway experience is not just about greasy pizzas and Chinese food; you can also order elegant Italian, and bring the class of a restaurant to your home. Birmingham’s Italian food menus are all here in one place. So, let Deliveroo take care of you. Make your selection and we’ll be on our way to your door in a jiffy. All you have to do is set the appropriate mood… 

Birmingham: indulge in the best Italian food

Fettucine, seafood risotto, prawn linguine: if you are planning a romantic evening in, these are all possible options you could choose. Once you’ve set that special tone, dressed up in your finest clothes and laid the table, you can relax and enjoy your evening while awaiting your delivery from one of our professional delivery drivers.  

On the other hand, Italian food is a great delivery choice for a family of hungry foodies! Order a lasagne and garlic bread and sit down together for a rustic meal sure to satisfy everyone. In fact, any sort of pasta dish with some type of bread on the side would make for an ideal family mealtime. What’s your favourite? Cheesy carbonara with salty strips of pancetta? Spicy chicken arrabbiata with aromatic basil? Spinach and goat’s cheese tortellini? Italian food unites elegance and indulgence – in a blind taste test, nobody would identify this as mere takeaway food! 

Still hungry? Go ahead and add a dessert to your order! Lovebirds would do well with a tiramisu or possibly something whipped and custardy. Affogato gelato would be an ideal choice for the coffee fans. Look to a refreshing sorbet for a delicate palate-cleanser.