Order Italian takeaway from nearby Basingstoke restaurants

We’ve always dreamt of casting aside our busy routine and running off to a beautiful villa on the sun-dappled coasts of Verona where the pasta bowls and wine glasses never seem to empty. While Deliveroo can’t do much about your Italian dream, it can surely bring the authentic flavours of Italy to your home.

From spaghetti draped in a rich tomato sauced and topped with parmesan to juicy meatballs, thin and crispy pizza generously topped with slices of pork, onions and olives - Deliveroo has it covered. Start with antipasti like cold cuts of meat - namely prosciutto, salami and pancetta, then go traditional for your main with succulent chicken parmigiana topped with stringy mozzarella. Order in your top-notch Italian takeaway from some of the finest authentic restaurants in Basingstoke; by the time you’ve set the table we’ll be knocking on your door!

Basingstoke: Experience the richness of Italian cuisine from the sofa"

Italian cuisine is so loved in Basingstoke because it never disappoints - it’s filling, tasty and you have so many options to choose from! Kick off your meal with an array of fresh breads. These are best enjoyed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to begin. For your main, enjoy pasta in all shapes and sizes: tortellini stuffed with chicken and covered in arrabbiata sauce for a kick, spaghetti swimming in carbonara sauce or everyone’s favourite - penne pasta smothered in a traditional tomato sauce and sprinkled with white cheese and basil.

Or, of course, you can opt for everyone’s favourite - pizza. Order it with a thin base for a crunch or deep pan so it’s full of delicious toppings. Load it with peppers, olives and mushrooms if you’re looking for the vegetarian option. If you want a tasty bite from your pizza, then pack it full of meats like pepperoni, salami or ham.

Round off your Italian food delivery with a thick slice of tiramisu to leave you fully satisfied with your order. This is not your normal takeaway; with Deliveroo you will enjoy authentic Italian from the best eateries in Basingstoke. Don’t waste time - order now!