Order Indian takeaway from nearby Stirling restaurants

There are many reasons Indian food has been continuously popular and loved in the UK. Whether it’s the spicy heat you love, or the variety of dishes on offer, everyone has a firm favourite when it comes to Indian cuisine. It’s been over 200 years since the first curry shop opened in the UK and these days every city across the UK has many top-class Indian restaurants to choose from.

In Stirling, it’s no different. In fact, you most likely have your favourite restaurant, with quality food cooked well. And with Deliveroo, you can have that restaurant quality delivered to your door. It may sound too good to be true but we’ve got together with the best Indian restaurants in Stirling to bring you lots of choice. You just need to decide what you want to eat, order from our online menus and we’ll bring your delivery to you.

Stirling: Indian delights make flavour come to life

If you’re ordering a takeaway banquet for friends and family, then choose different dishes for everyone to share. Start with one of the UK’s most popular dishes – chicken tikka masala. Every restaurant has their own take on it, so you may get a very thick creamy sauce, or you may have a drier version. Whichever you end up with, the chunks of roasted chicken in spicy sauce are going to please your palate.

Popular curries include rogan josh, which is cooked at a very high heat in lots of oil. Originating in Persia, it made its way to Kashmir before reaching the rest of India, and now the rest of the world! For something a bit less spicy, butter chicken is a good choice. On the menu you’ll find it as murgh makhani – it consists of chicken marinated in a yoghurt and spice mixture, including garam masala, lemon, coriander, turmeric and chilli.

A great vegetarian option is malai kofta, which is basically a version of meatballs without the meat. Instead, the balls are made with chickpeas and it’s served with naan bread or rice. Chole is a hot chickpea curry, usually paired with bhatura, a type of Indian bread.