Order Indian takeaway from nearby Southport restaurants

With it’s a plethora of spicy, tangy or rich, creamy sauces, Indian food may be the most globally loved cuisine there is. It may also be the most filling. There’s so much choice; don’t slip on your shoes and head out to a restaurant – that hardly seems in keeping with the big-bellied spirit of Indian cuisine. Deliveroo can do the heavy lifting for you, bringing all the curries, herby naan breads and delectable Indian treats you can handle from Southport’s finest curry houses directly to your front door when you order online.

Whether you’re in the mood for something ferociously spicy or mild and creamy, India’s curries and beloved snacks like onion bhajis, pakoras and samosas are evergreen crowd-pleasers. There’s no better way to forget about the blustery Merseyside weather in Southport than to snuggle down with your favourite TV show and indulge in this richest of cuisines.

Getting spicy in Southport

With Britain’s large population of Indian time-honoured restaurants – some of which have been around since the 70s – Southport’s Indian food options are as authentic as can be. However, should you emphasise your desire for an authentically hot curry, if you can really handle it – some dishes will have been toned down with delicate Western sensibilities in mind. The chefs really do care about your weak constitutions!

Speaking of heat, if you want one of the hottest curries available – perhaps a vindaloo, or even a phaal for the very brave – a few bottles of India’s Kingfisher beer or a few tubs of sorbet may also help to help cool those molten mouths. Not to worry – with Deliveroo you can order those too, and with our speedy delivery times, your beverages are guaranteed to arrive icy cold.

Curries are in no way just for meat eaters, either. Vegetarianism is common in India. Therefore, many other takeaway options exist, which substitute chicken or lamb in favour of the hearty chickpea and other vegetables, or paneer cheese in equally pleasurable, belly-stuffing curries. As it’s classically a finger-food, you’ll want to remember those sauces, too – who doesn’t love dipping their snacks?!