Order Indian takeaway from nearby Northampton restaurants

The Midlands is the hub of Asian culture in the UK, and that means that the best Indian food you will find is available in cities such as Northampton. There are a vast number of restaurants within Northampton that offer you Indian cuisine in a wide array of styles and forms, and the majority of them are amazing. If you’re planning to stay at home, there is also a large selection of takeaway outlets, but the quality of these never seems to match up to the level of excellence you will find if you visit a restaurant.

With Deliveroo, you don’t have to leave the house to discover amazing-quality food, because unlike takeaway services, we deliver restaurant-quality cuisine from the finest establishments in the city. So, if you’re craving a curry, you just need to browse our online menu and restaurant listings and let us have your order.

Northampton: Incredible Indian food on offer

If you take a walk around the city of Northampton, you'll come across many top-quality Indian restaurants, serving various dishes from this popular Asian cuisine. For a long time, if you didn't fancy a night out, it meant sacrificing on quality if you wanted to order in a takeaway at home, but not anymore - with Deliveroo’s collection of online restaurant listings, you can order from the best restaurants without leaving the house. Our delivery service will have your meal winging its way to you in no time.

We'll bring the best biryanis, the freshest jalfrezis, the top tikka masalas, and the most sensational sag aloos from the finest establishments in the city, with a minimal amount of effort needed from you – all because we know how amazing a great Indian meal can be, and we don’t believe that you should have to travel to a restaurant in order to experience it.

Let’s face it, you deserve a night off without travelling or cooking, and you deserve an amazing meal to compliment your quiet night in. Search through Deliveroo for the many Indian menus we have on offer, order the meal that suits you, then just sit back and wait!