Indian takeaway from nearby Lytham St Annes restaurants

For days you need brightening up, what sort of food can help? Indian cuisine, made rich with clarified butter and enlivened with many different spices, is perfect. Whether you like a mild curry or a hot platter of bhajis, pakoras and samosas, there’s a lot to choose from. Select a main meal, and then load up on carbs to accompany it like naan bread, rice and papadums.

Whether you’re the most carnivorous person in all of Lytham St Annes or you’re on a strict vegetarian diet, there’s a meal for you. The reassuring saltiness of paneer, chicken that falls apart in a thick, spiced tomato sauce, or the satisfying crunch of a dense aloo tikka, just cannot be replicated by any other global cuisine. Check out our premium Indian restaurant menus in your area, place your order, and your takeaway delivery will be with you in no time.

Lytham St Annes: Unearth a world of astounding Indian food

It’s the country’s signature dish, but there’s a lot more to Indian cuisine than just curry. The Indian restaurants of Lytham St Annes have realised this, providing a range of dishes from the subcontinent’s many regions, prepared with recipes seen in places like Kerala, Goa, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Kulchi chicken is one such dish, made with minced chicken, paneer, spinach and spring onion, delicately fried and wrapped tightly in a roti pancake.

Lamb chops, lightly spiced and served with a little salad on the side, make for the perfect starter. For mains, the creamy chicken makhani has its origins in the Punjab region and is a great dish for those who prefer taste to pure heat. Whatever you choose, it’s worth doing your research; each Indian dish has a fascinating backstory.

To finish off your subcontinental feast, a glass of refreshing lassi – a yoghurt drink mixed with fruits such as mango – will cool you down. Even cooler than that is kulfi ice cream, made with flavours as exotic as saffron, pistachio nuts, rose and cardamom; this is one dessert that doesn’t require a chocolate flake in it! Order your Indian extravaganza now through Deliveroo, for quality food delivered quickly.