Order Indian takeaway from nearby Lancaster restaurants

Lancaster is a multicultural melting pot of a city, shown not least in the different kinds of cuisines found in its restaurants. Which is great news for hungry types looking for their favourite food. At Deliveroo, we’ve teamed up with the best Indian restaurants throughout the city to bring restaurant-quality food to your doorstep. All the taste and enjoyment of an Indian meal with family and friends, and none of the hassle of having to go out and find a table.

Simply browse through our extensive menu listings, as we’ve done the hard graft for you and put them all in one handy place. Order your Indian takeaway online and our dedicated delivery team will race your order to you just as soon as we can. So, if you’re burning for a biryani or craving a korma, you know what to do. And, make sure the plates are ready!

Lancaster: Find your favourite Indian dish with Deliveroo

If you’re sticking to your tried and tested favourites, then you won’t need our help. But if you want to try something new, we can guide you through some different choices. From fusion dishes to authentic Indian curries, you’ll soon find something that whets your appetite. If you’re ordering for lots of people, how about a mixed grill and some tapas-style Indian morsels to tempt the palate?

Alternatively, if you don’t want too much spice and heat, then stick to a milder dish like chicken korma. You could try Kashmiri curry for a mild and sweeter dish if you don’t like your dinner brimming with chilli. Or go for a biryani or vindaloo if you do want to taste the heat – there are loads of options. So many Indian restaurants offer plenty vegetarian dishes, particularly as a lot of traditional Indian fare uses just veggies. Try something like aloo gobi, fried potatoes and cauliflower delicately spiced with turmeric, curry leaves and garam masala.

Don’t forget your starters (bhajis and samosas, along with poppadoms with chutney and dips), drinks (an Indian beer should hit the spot), naan bread and desserts like kulfi (Indian ice cream). Delicious!