Order Indian takeaway from nearby Inverness restaurants

Indian food is always popular and you’re bound to have your favourite restaurant. But what if you want the awesome taste and satisfaction of Indian food without having to go out? After all, sometimes you’re just too tired, or you’re looking to entertain friends and family at home. If you find yourself craving Indian but don’t want the hassle, Deliveroo can help.

At Deliveroo, we’ve got together with some excellent Indian restaurants across Inverness, and have listed their menus. All you have to do is have a look through, decide what you want to order online and then wait for us to drop your takeaway delivery off - right to your door. No cooking, no traffic, no busy crowds… just great food with all the hard work done for you. Sound good? We thought so. Now, your only problem is what you want to order. Decisions, decisions!

Inverness: An Indian food lover’s paradise

There’s so much skill in the balance of spices, ingredients and herbs that blend together to give the distinctive taste of Indian cuisine. If you aren’t quite sure what to go for, Deliveroo can help. If you’re ordering for a big group, it’s a fab idea to order lots of different dishes so everyone can dig in and share. This way, you all get lots of taste experiences.

Indian food has been available in the UK for around 200 years and, over time, a kind of fusion cuisine has sprung up. One of the best loved Indian dishes in the UK arose from this – chicken tikka masala. This roasted chicken dish is served with a spicy sauce, and varies from place to place. Murgh makhani is another very popular chicken dish (known as butter chicken), and is marinated in a spice and yoghurt mix.

Vegetarian dishes proliferate in Indian cuisine, with lots of authentic meat-free options. Try malai kofta, which is a veggie version of meatballs. Gorgeous with naan bread and great over rice. Or you could have some chole, a chickpea curry which is generally very spicy and served with a kind of fried bread called bhatooras. Delicious!