Order Indian takeaway from nearby Huddersfield restaurants

Huddersfield has a great many restaurants that serve Indian food. This is testament to the early Indian and Bangladeshi settlers who came to Huddersfield in the 1970s. They began to sell their wares in small takeaways, adapting their dishes to the English palate. These days, Huddersfield restaurants prefer to stick to authentic recipes and stay as close as possible to their Indian roots.

The quality of food is so delicious and tempting that Deliveroo now ensures that you can have your favourite Indian meal in your own home without the need to go out to the restaurant. From bhajis to biriyanis, from kofte to korma, we can bring your favourite dishes to your door with just a couple of clicks of a mouse. Simply go to the Indian section of the Deliveroo menu and order online to get your takeaway delivery as soon as possible.

Huddersfield: Experience regional Indian cuisine without leaving home

From the tandoors of Telangana to the karahis of Kolkata, we have authentic Indian cuisine desires covered. The four culinary corners of India are also covered as well as a sneaky crossing over the border to Bangladesh and Pakistan. We have delicious Indian dishes that will bring tears (of joy) to your eyes. We believe your takeaway should be restaurant-quality so all of these dishes will wing their way to you straight from the kitchens of the best restaurants in the city.

With a huge range of appetisers such as bhaji, pakora and char-cooked tikka there is something for everyone. The main event can be as mild as a pasanda to fiery vindaloo with baltis, bhunas and biriyanis in between. There are also many sides to accompany your curry. Sweet peshwari naan and fluffy saffron rice will perfectly complement your chosen dish. Let us take the hassle out of going out to get your favourite Indian food and order that special delivery.

Indian cuisine is such a treat to have at home, whether you are eating with friends, someone special or just want to treat yourself to your favourite dish. Indulge yourself and order an amazing takeaway through Deliveroo.