Order Indian takeaway from nearby Guildford restaurants

Indian takeaway is hard to beat. We can’t explain what makes it so good, but perhaps it’s that combination of the heat of the curry, the lovely fluffy white rice and the crispy papadums that does it. Whatever the secret, check out our Indian food menus for Guildford and enjoy this delicious cuisine.

From the creamy chicken tikka masala to the fiery vindaloo and all the delicious vegetable dishes, Indian food has something for everyone. Although choosing from this wide selection of fantastic food might be difficult, the rest is very easy. At Deliveroo, we don’t see why you should have to head out to a restaurant to get a top-quality meal. Why dine out when you could dine in? So instead, we deliver the best food in the area right to your front door. Simply pick out an amazing curry, place your order and we’ll do the delivery.

Guildford: Exquisite curry brought to you

Alongside its long and fascinating history, Guildford boasts some amazingly authentic curry houses. At Deliveroo we’re proud to deliver the area’s finest Indian offerings to you, so that you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home.

One of the best ways to kick off an Indian meal is with onion bhajis. The onion is finely sliced and mixed with a light batter before being combined with the classic Indian seasonings of ground coriander and cumin seeds. Fried up till perfectly crisp and golden, the combination of the sweet onion and the savoury spice warms up the palate beautifully, ready for a great curry to follow.

For the main course, there are so many ways to go, but what about a lamb pasanda? The word “pasand” translates to “to like” in Hindi and Urdu, which means that this dish is to everyone’s liking! This is a very creamy curry flavoured with ground almonds, cinnamon and spices. The nice thing is that it isn’t too hot to handle as it doesn’t contain very much chilli. Of course, the choice is ultimately yours, but with Deliveroo you know it’ll be a great one!