Order Indian takeaway from nearby Canterbury restaurants

The medieval city of Canterbury might be famed for its grand cathedral, ancient churches and narrow streets, yet it’s the Indian food that takes centre stage with Deliveroo. With such a busy centre for shoppers, students and locals alike there is a high demand for quality spices and flavours of India in the Kent city.

After a hearty day’s shopping and exploring the historical sights there is nothing quite like a curry or a tandoori to fulfil a ravenous appetite and with so many restaurants, from traditional British favourites to authentic Indian fare, Deliveroo has sourced the best restaurants for you and place them all firmly on your doorstep. There’s no need to brave the perils of the one-way system to get the curry of your dreams, order through Deliveroo and we’ll make your Indian dreams a realty with the click of a button.

Canterbury: Deliveroo brings the city’s best Indian restaurants to you

With mind-blowing car parking charges, confusing one-way zones and narrow Medieval lanes, driving in Canterbury can often turn out to be a little more than you bargained for. Yet, in order to get to the best Indian restaurants in town, you’d have to navigate this tarmac gauntlet before you could even smell those tantalising spicy aromas or see the lights illuminating the best restaurants in town.

Here at Deliveroo, nothing scares us; be it traffic or tourist crowds. We’ll do the queuing, the driving and the waiting, all so that you don’t have to. Lay the table, set the glasses and sit back while we venture out to bring the best Indian food to you, combing all the quality and attention to detail of a restaurant meal with all the convenience and simplicity of a takeaway.

So when you find yourself at home, unable to shake off the idea of a steaming samosa or to push away the hankering for a poppadum, send Deliveroo out in the wilds of Canterbury city to bring the best that Canterbury’s Indian chefs have to offer, directly to your door.