Order Halal takeaway from nearby Windsor restaurants

Windsor is a town steeped in classic British heritage and is home to the well known Windsor castle and Eton College, as well as an abundance of restaurants and eateries that cater for all needs. Halal food in Windsor has recently exploded across the ancient market town, and new and exciting halal-friendly restaurants can be found across most of the town, and many now have a takeaway option available. 

By using Deliveroo, you can guarantee that any order you place will arrive in a timely manner, straight to the comfort of your own home. Opt for a delectable halal burger served with fries or mix it up with some a Moroccan staple: Chicken Tagine served with couscous and apricots. Whatever it is you fancy, place an order through Deliveroo and we promise to take care of the rest, so put your feet up and start that movie. 

Windsor: A haven for Halal food

Halal food has taken the country by storm in recent years, and Windsor is a city without exception. The number of restaurants and takeaways in the old-fashioned heritage town has considerably grown, and halal food has become a popular choice among residents. Thanks to Deliveroo, you can now enjoy these halal dishes made to order, delivered straight to you at home.  

Choose from a variety of cuisines including Lebanese and order a Kebab with a twist. The Halabi is made up of succulent Halal minced lamb, which is then chargrilled with shallots and served with a flatbread. If you’re thinking more American, order a halal burger topped with crispy onions and cheese. We recommend the chargrilled chicken brochette. The juicy marinated chicken is served up with a mix of peppers, onions and tomatoes; perfect if you’re looking for something healthy.  

Whether it’s a Friday evening and you’re watching movies, or you’re just looking for an easy variation on Sunday lunch, Deliveroo has you covered. We’ve teamed up with multiple restaurants, all of which are standing by for your order, and thanks to our abundance of drivers located across most parts of the town, ordering takeaway has never been easier!