Order Halal takeaway from nearby Portsmouth restaurants

If you have a hankering for Vietnamese cuisine, or a creamy tikka masala, you’re in the right place. In Portsmouth, there are halal food restaurants in abundance and with most cuisines around including an offering of halal dishes, you’re spoilt for choice! You’re not limited to Asian cuisine so if you want fried chicken or Turkish spiced lamb with feta and tomato sauce, you can have it. And, as much of halal food is westernised, you won’t need to feel restricted on what to order.

Searching for halal food is easy with Deliveroo. We’ve partnered with the city’s most reputable restaurants offering halal dishes, to make their menus available to you. Delicious pizzas, juicy filling kebabs and skewers of lamb dripping with spices are all on offer in our menu listings. Go for a takeaway that offers a lot more than the average when you order online with Deliveroo.

Portsmouth: Port city with history

Portsmouth is a city with several theatres and there is certainly not a shortage of gourmet restaurants and eateries. With all the culture that Portsmouth offers, it’s no wonder that halal foodis popular. When you’ve been to a great theatre show, or a music festival, it’s hard not to feel hungry. It’s even harder to get a table at your favourite fine dining restaurant and this is where Deliveroo steps in.

With Deliveroo, you can order your evening meal from the comfort of your sofa, without being crowded or standing in queues! Whether you want a hot vindaloo with a side of aloo gobi or you want a simple steak and chunky chips, there’s a halal option for you. What's more, lovers of halal food everywhere will appreciate the numerous options provided by Deliveroo. It will be hard to pick your favourite dish!

Visit our online listings and you could choose fried sweet and sour chicken with fresh vegetables or fish with ginger and soybean. Round it off with a cherry cheesecake to make your taste buds sing. Do this with Deliveroo for a hassle free, enjoyable night.