Order Halal takeaway from nearby Newcastle restaurants

Long gone are the days of struggling to find excellent quality halal food across the UK. From fried chicken to Indian curries, there are loads of restaurant chains and independent restaurants serving halal. And Newcastle Upon Tyne is no different. There’s a variety of halal food on offer from cuisines ranging from American to Italian, Indian to Middle Eastern, and British to vegetarian. All of which is fantastic news for hungry diners looking for halal food for their big or small night in.

Deliveroo have teamed up with lots of these restaurants in different areas of the city, and we’d be delighted to bring your delivery straight to you. We’ve even done all the hard work of menu gathering. That’s right, all you have to do is look through the menus we have collected, decide which halal cuisine you’d like for your takeaway delivery and order online. Simple, easy, fast.

Loads of halal choices in Newcastle Upon Tyne

For spicy treats, it has to be Indian, and when it comes to halal-friendly Indian food in Newcastle, you’re very much in luck. If you’re ordering for family and friends, then why not order in lots of different dishes so everyone can share? From korma to biryani, and with all the naan breads, poppadoms and chutneys you could ever want, Indian food is a great way to have a big night in.

Or maybe you want to steer away from heat and spice. In which case, Italian could suit you down to the ground. With loads of vegetarian options, and halal-friendly meat options, a pizza has to be a people pleaser. And it’s ideal for a treat night in front of a film. Splash out on a stuffed crust or stick to an authentic hand-stretched Italian pizza. Add in some garlic bread, side salads and a tiramisu and you’ve got yourself a feast.

We’ve only touched the surface of the halal food available in Newcastle. You could be ordering burgers, moussaka, fish and chips or any one of thousands of dishes. Just don’t forget the dessert and drinks as well – Deliveroo can help you there too.