Order Halal takeaway from nearby Leicester restaurants

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Our restaurants boast a huge selection of authentic halal dishes, including terrific tagines, super soups and stews, and cracking couscous. In today's growing culture of responsibility, with free range and organic produce becoming the standard, halal food and philosophy fit right in. And our restaurants offer the highest quality dishes around, freshly made to order in halal restaurants ready for delivery straight to you at home or at work. It really couldn’t be easier, so sit at home and let us do the hard work for you.

Leicester: Heavenly halal in the East Midlands

The culture of cuisine has endured a major shift in recent years. Free range and organic food are now becoming the norm. With an emphasis on ethical sourcing and purity of ingredients, halal food fits right in with this growing movement of responsibility. Here at Deliveroo, we understand that. Therefore, we are proud to bring you the finest halal restaurants right here in the bustling tourist destination and university city of Leicester.

A wide variety of meats can be found and give you plenty of choice. Animal by-products like lard are out, so a lot of halal food is primarily vegetarian. This makes halal cuisine incredibly rich and vibrant, with flavours and methods mainly originating from the Middle East. Our restaurants bring you tantalising tagines, super soups and stews like hearty harira or brilliant bissara, sumptuous salads like terrific tabbouleh and fantastic fattoush. And, of course fabulous falafel!

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