Order Halal takeaway from nearby Gloucester restaurants

Halal food is brilliant for so many reasons. It’s cost effective — a few pounds will get you enough hummus and pita bread for several meals. It’s filling. It’s nutritious — chicken shawarma is an excellent source of protein, and hummus is made from mere chickpeas! Best of all, it’s absolutely delicious. Alas, where in Gloucester is one to find quality halal food? Deliveroo has your answer: In the comfort of your own home.

The process is quite simple. Either log on to the Deliveroo website or pull up your Deliveroo app; peruse all of Gloucester’s extensive halal offerings; and select our takeaway delivery service that will have our riders arriving at your doorstep promptly, with hot halal on hand! While you might have had delivery in the past, you’ve never had halal directly from the best sources!

Gloucester: You’ve found your new favourite falafel!

Gloucester is a city of international influence. Isn’t it time you started taking advantage of it — if only for your palate’s sake? Prepare to entire the world of Middle Eastern cuisine, where rich spices reign supreme, and a trip to faraway lands is only a bite away. We get it: at Deliveroo, we count ourselves as culinary connoisseurs, too. That’s why we endeavour to bring you all the best flavours!

As we see it, the only real downside to halal food is eating it in small, crowded, loud restaurants, where the experience can’t fully be enjoyed. While in theory it might be nice to eat a char-grilled chicken pita directly from a Middle Eastern food cart, we believe that the experience could be improved drastically if instead you were, say, sitting in your comfortable leather recliner. International cuisine without the stress or travel fees!

So Gloucester, isn’t it time that you opened your eyes, mouth, and mind to the wonders of halal cuisine? Fresh hummus, lamb kebabs, and a little spice of authentic, premium halal food. It’s no dream. Simply sit back, relax, and let Deliveroo make your order a reality!