Order Halal takeaway from nearby Dundee restaurants

Deliveroo knows that you don't always have the time to visit your favourite restaurant or to marinate or slow roast meat for a scrumptious weekday dish. That is why Deliveroo's ordering platform features a vivid range of restaurants that serve halal dishes under Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian cuisine. Do you want to taste something versatile, inexpensive and incredibly tasty? Order from Deliveroo and a restaurant home delivery will be yours in no time.

If you want something a little different, try some delicious shawarma kebabs with yogurt and mint sauce or a tasty Greek moussaka fabulous for all the family. Deliveroo believes 'families that eat together, stay together so order online and enjoy your favourite restaurant dishes from the comfort of home.' Just dive in to the online halal section and you’re ready to go!

Dundee: Amazing halal food delivered to your door

India is a land of incredible culture, flavours and aromas, taking pride in its exotic dishes. The halal section of Dundee’s restaurant menus, is dedicated to dishes that are halal-certified. Deliveroo's online ordering platform features restaurant menus from around the world that serve up delicious halal dishes in Dundee. If you're planning to order a lip-smacking halal dish this weekend, make sure that you take a look at Deliveroo's list of takeaways and home delivery options.

If you want something hot, 'Laal maas 'is curry that hails from Rajasthan. This red hot dish consists of yogurt, fiery red chillies and juicy lamb seasoned with herbs and spices. For something with a little less heat, try rista, a meatball curry made of lamb that tastes heavenly when served with soft fluffy naan bread. Now you can enjoy fast restaurant halal food for a quick weekday supper or for a slap-up dinner with the whole family.

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