Order Halal takeaway from nearby Canterbury restaurants

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None of our halal restaurants use pork or other animal by-products, bringing you the best tastes from local halal restaurants, whether you fancy vegetarian options or want to indulge in halal meats. Tons of terrific tagines, seas of soup, and a copious selection of couscous are among several options from our restaurants.We only selects restaurants that use the highest standards of ethical preparation and sourcing for their ingredients, meaning that you never need to worry. Deliveroo makes halal hunger-busting easy: simply order a takeaway, and wait for us to bring the fine-dining halal food experience straight to your home.

Canterbury: Kent's halal hotspot with fantastic food choices

Halal means that food must be ethically sourced, killed and prepared properly, and processed as little as possible. Some animal by-products like pork gelatine and certain animal fats are excluded. Halal is based on a healthy and ethical approach to food, which has become a key concern in recent years, with a movement towards free-range, organic, and ethical ingredients.

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