Halal takeaway? It's more than that

The UK is a great place for those that eat halal food only. A growing number of quality restaurants prepare and cook halal meals for all kinds of cuisines. You can find succulent pizza, authentic Indian, fresh Mediterranean or moreish Middle Eastern meals. There is a downside to popular restaurants though: they can sometimes get too busy. This may be good for business but it's not much fun for hungry diners. It often means waiting for a table, a long wait for your food, or both.

Eating restaurant-quality halal at home is the solution to the 'busy restaurant' problem, and Deliveroo is your local delivery company to trust. Look through our halal menus and put your next meal together. That's your job done! Once we get your order, we'll put our wheels into motion to fetch your tasty food and bring it straight to your door.

The UK: Halal dishes straight to your door

The British have a passion for good food, not only their own unfussy local and national dishes, but fare from around the globe. The UK is also host to some of the world's finest cuisines. It caters to special food preparation and handling practices, like halal. If you want genuine halal without the hassle of dining out, then you've arrived at the right place.

Many more quality restaurants now offer 100% halal food. This includes halal-approved chicken and other halal meats used in meals and nourishing sandwiches. Selected pizzas are halal too and even some of the high-street takeaway eateries now offer halal food. Our partner halal restaurants provide some wonderful dishes. Whether you want a hearty British roast lamb in rich gravy, or a sweet and sour chicken dish, if it's on the menu, you can add it to your order.

We understand the importance of halal food handling, preparation and cooking. It's why Deliveroo takes great care to ensure our customers get authentic, quality halal meals from some of the best kitchens in and around town.