Greek food delivery in Stirling

From delicious spit-roasted meat, to tasty pasta treats, Greek cuisine has much to offer. Which is probably why it’s one of the most popular foods to enjoy at a restaurant in much of Europe. And it’s no different in Scotland, with plenty of excellent Greek restaurants in Stirling. We reckon it’s way more fun to enjoy really good food in the comfort of your own home, so at Deliveroo we’ve got together with the best restaurants across the city.

We can drop off your takeaway delivery as soon as you order online. It’s the best of both worlds – restaurant-quality food eaten at home. And we’ve done all of the hard work for you! Just browse our listings and decide on what you want to eat. Then place your order, and relax. Poor yourself a glass of ouzo as you wait for us to bring your food to you.

Stirling: Enjoy delicious Greek dishes from the comfort of home

So now you just need to decide on what to order. Greek cuisine is ideal if you’re feeding lots of people, as you can order lots of different dishes and share around. Big hearty mains like moussaka (aubergines, mince and béchamel), and pastitisio (the Greek version of lasagne) always go down well – they’re real crowd pleasers. You can generally find vegetarian versions as well, so no one needs to be left out.

For something a little different, and great as part of a mixed starter, try papoutsakia. Directly translated as ‘little shoes’, this is a traditional dish featuring mince-stuffed aubergines smothered in béchamel sauce. A lot of Greek dishes are very rich, and covered in cheeses and thick sauces – and all of them are delicious.

Other great appetisers include dolmades. These vine leaves are stuffed with different combinations of minced lamb, rice and spices and vary from restaurant to restaurant. Almost bite-sized, and very more-ish, just make sure you order enough! Don’t forget the dips on the side – there are loads, including classic cucumber and yoghurt tzatziki, skordalia – a thick dip made from potatoes and garlic – and taramasalata, a pink mousse made of fish roe. Delicious.