Greek food delivery in Newcastle

Looking to bring a bit of Mediterranean sunshine to your food tonight? Greek food is an excellent choice if you love fresh, tasty ingredients cooked perfectly in simple but effective ways. From seafood to wild greens, pasta to cheeses and loads of sweet treats, there’s something for everyone in Greek cuisine. But what if you want all of this Hellenic goodness but you’re just not in the mood to head out for the evening? That’s where we come in!

At Deliveroo, we’ve got together with the best Greek restaurants across the city to bring you all the best quality food to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re feeling the feta, and ogling the olives, all you need to do order online and wait for us to drop your delivery off right at your door. Totally hassle free takeaway food. Perfect!

Newcastle: a hotspot for lots of Greek treats

For your appetisers (or mezedes in Greek), enjoy a range of small dishes. Order something like tyrokafteri (a spiced cheesy dip), marinated red peppers (piperies florinis), oyster mushrooms (pleurotous) and taramasalata (pink cod roe dip). Throw in some fresh bread and hummus and you have a delicious starter to please just about everyone.

For your main dishes, you could try orzo. This delicious pasta is generally served in stews with beef or octopus and is used in the Greek form of risotto, called kritharoto. Equally tasty are hilopites, which are egg noodles used in meat stews. Offal is very popular in Greek cuisine – try something like kokoretsi for a delicious meal of spit-roasted lamb innards. Or for something more conventional, choose paidakia (lamb chops) or biftekia (hamburgers).

There are plenty of vegetarian options in Greek dishes, so no one will be left out. If you can manage a dessert after all that, then you should try simigdalenios halvas (a dense, sweet confection), or maybe kormos (chocolate loaf with nuts), or even a custard tart (sweet bougatsa). With some ouzo on the side, you’re in for a real treat!