Greek food delivery in Loughborough

Greece has given a lot to the world. Democracy, maths and science are just three gifts from the Mediterranean country, but its food is the stand out contribution. Hugely popular across the UK, Greek cuisine offers many a taste sensation, from cubes of crumbly, salty feta cheese dotted in salads to bowls of olives and honey drizzled on yogurt.

In Loughborough, you’ll come across places putting together colourful salads, comforting casserole dishes and beautiful meals made for sharing. Multi-layered moussaka, skewered souvlaki (marinated, grilled pork), gyros and pastitsio are all great examples of Greek food made to warm your cockles and awaken your palate at the same time. At Deliveroo, we want you to enjoy these flavours in the comfort of your own home, so we offer restaurant quality takeaway food, delivered directly to your door. Just look through our extensive listings and order online.

Loughboroug: Fine dining straight from Greece

Greek food is tough to beat for its flavour combinations, fresh ingredients and tastes of the Med. And it’s now available from top class restaurants for home delivery. For a change from pizza, curry or noodles, a fresh salad of tomatoes, olives, feta, cucumber and mint is a light and breezy alternative. Serve along with some freshly-cooked gyros and a warmed pita bread and you’ll have a complete meal that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Lamb is arguably the most common meat in Greek cuisine. It’s the star of the show in a moussaka, forms perfectly round kofta meatballs, is at home on skewers with peppers and onions, while grilled in chops, it forms a perfect partnership with a salad or side of couscous. For sharing, what better than dolma - stuffed vine leaves with rice, minced meat, onions and myriad spices?

Ordering Greek food and eating it at home is easier than you think. For a completely Greek meal, a salad to start followed by a main of souvlaki and some thick yogurt for dipping will give you that authentic dining experience without having to pay full whack for a plane ticket to Athens or Thessaloniki!