Greek food delivery in Inverness

When in Scotland, sometimes it’s nice to dream of the sunny Mediterranean. Sun, sea, sand and gorgeous food - and what’s better than Greek cuisine when you’re looking for a bit of sunshine in your life? At Deliveroo, we may not be able to transport you to a Greek isle, but we can bring gorgeous restaurant-quality Greek food directly to your door. You don’t even have to leave your sofa to order fabulous food with us.  

We’ve teamed up with Greek restaurants across the city, and listed their menus for you online. In fact, we’ve done all the hard work for you, apart from choosing what you want to eat. With so many great dishes to opt from, that could be the trickiest part of the process for you! When you have decided, just order online through us and we’ll get your delivery dropped off as soon as we can. 

Find your favourite Greek food in Inverness with Deliveroo

Greek is a great choice of takeaway, and being able to order it from your favourite restaurant guarantees you’ll get optimal quality, with minimum hassle. Vegetarian delights or meat feasts – no matter what you’re looking for from your Hellenic dining experience, you’re guaranteed to find it. Greek cuisine is very diverse, but always focuses on fresh produce, seasonal vegetables and a simple cooking method that leaves all of the flavour intact.  

If you’re looking for a meaty treat, then you’re in luck. The Greeks take their meat very seriously and have a number of ways of cooking it. Souvlaki (translated as skewered meat) and gros (spit-roasted meat) are presented in similar styles: tender, tasty morsels of different meats served on warmed pitta bread with tomatoes, lettuce, onions. Don’t forget to include the delicious Greek dips that are always popular, including tzatziki (cucumber and yoghurt) and taramasalata (a distinctive pink dip made from fish roe).  

If you’re vegetarian, you can find lots of meat-free versions of classic Greek dishes, such as moussaka. For dairy-lovers, a dish like saganaki would be a treat, as it consists of deep fried cheese. Don’t forget the ouzo to go with your meal!