Greek food delivery in Edinburgh

If you want to evoke the spirit of the magical Greek islands here in Edinburgh, now you can! Take a look at the Deliveroo Greek section for Edinburgh and let us bring a taste of the Aegean Islands to your door.

The Greeks know how to eat and one of the joys of Greek cuisine is marvellous mezze. These tantalising plates of delicious little treats from dolmades and olives to feta strewn salads and soft warm pita bread, is hearty healthy soul food of the finest kind. Whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian food, Greece has it covered. Of course it wouldn’t be a Greek meal if it wasn’t finished off with some jewel like syrupy pistachio encrusted baklava; an absolute treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Greek: Escape to the Aegean in Edinburgh

Whatever you order from the Greek menu it won’t feel like unhealthy takeaway as it is some of the healthiest and tastiest you can eat. Luscious olive oil and sharp lemon juice coats tomato and feta salads while vegetables are used in almost every dish from aubergines and peppers to okra and potatoes.

Greek food is fragrant, using herbs like oregano, parsley and mint, creating an aroma like that of a Greek island. Scents of citrus and honey, a reminder of the fruit trees that climb high into the Greek hills, permeate the cuisine. Food is simple yet delicious from herb crusted fish to rice stuffed vine leaves and spinach and feta pies made with local sheep and goat’s cheeses.

It’s hard not to be whisked straight to a land of sunshine, sea breezes and rolling olive groves when eating a Greek takeaway. It’s rustic, unpretentious and generous. It’s food that hasn’t changed for centuries and yet has sustained the Greeks and given them long lives. It’s food from the land, from their animals, from the lemon trees and the sea. Get Greek restaurant food delivered to your door tonight.