Greek food delivery in Cardiff

Hungry? Not in the mood to trawl into the city? Have a hankering for some delicious Greek food? Don’t worry. Deliveroo is here! And this time we are ready to bring amazing Greek cuisine straight to your door! Just order from the many restaurants on this page and you’ll have a gorgeous Greek meal delivered by our amazing team of delivery staff. Sit back and relax. It’s easy, fast, and delicious. Cardiff has a great selection of Greek restaurants to choose from.

Desire mouth watering Moussaka? You’ve got it. Dying for some Dolmades? Treat yourself to some scintillating, plate-smashingly good Souvlaki and fish prepared the way only the Greeks know how. Kolokythokeftedes are a mouthful in more ways than one. These balls made mostly of courgettes are lightly fried and blended with dill and mint -- a great Greek starter to get you in the mood.

Cardiff: Sizzling Moussaka and charcoal-grilled, spit-roasted Greek meats

Bring some Mediterranean Sunshine to Cardiff this winter! Is there anything so satisfying as slices of warm Greek pita covered in tzatziki? Yummy! For those who aren’t familiar with Greek cuisine, tzatziki is a sauce comprised of salted yogurt mixed with cucumbers, olive oil, garlic and vinegar. It’s makes a fantastic dip as well, so grab those pittas and dive right in.

For a Greek “fast food” try the souvlaki. The skewered meat option is particularly lush when wrapped in pita bread, with tomato, onion and, of course, some go-to taramasalata. Tarama-what? Taramasalata! Another amazing dip made from tarama, which is actually cured roe of cod, mixed with a base of starchy bread, olive oil and lemon juice.

Greece is equally world famous for its unique preparation of seafood. The Mediterranean and Aegean Seas is where the bold fisherman hunt for the likes of barbounia and maridha (red mullet and whitebait.) Add to this a simple and yet creative method of cooking fresh calamari; grilled and marinated with lemon and oil dressings and you are sure to have a delightful evening. Freshly cooked authentic Greek takeaway courtesy of Deliveroo, brought to your door today.