Greek food delivery in Cambridge

Greek food is a creative extension of Mediterranean cuisine that is heavily influenced by Italian and Balkan cooking. While conventional dishes utilise grains, vegetables, fish, white and red meat, wine and olive oil, modern ingredients like cheese, olives, zucchini, yoghurt and bread have also made their way on the list. Fruits, honey, nuts and cinnamon are widely used in desserts

If this gets you excited, then try delicious Greek food for a change. Deliveroo features a chain of restaurants that serve premium Greek dishes like the delicious gyro (meat, French fries, vegetable and tomato ketchup), souvlaki (grilled pork or lamb meat on skewer), sfougata (buttery cheese balls that melt inside your mouth) and loukoudmades (fried donut balls dipped in honey). Sounds tempting doesn’t it? To enjoy these in the comfort of your home, simply order a Deliveroo takeaway for delivery. Nothing beats the fun of having yummy food at home!

Cambridge: A grand vareity of amazing Greek restaurants

Greece, a world-famous tourist destination, is lapped by the pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If you wish to try traditional Greek cuisine with a refreshing glass of ouzo at home, check out Deliveroo’s Greek menu! Deliveroo presents an array of restaurants that take pride in Greek delivery and takeaways.

Moussaka, the most widespread of all Greek dishes is an oven-baked casserole. This awesome Greek food contains spiced meat, creamy béchamel and eggplants arranged in various layers. Dolmades are classic rice parcels wrapped in grape leaves; they’re mixed with meat and seasoned with pine nuts, oregano, fennel and thyme. Pastitsio, on the other hand, is Greek pasta with vegetables, meat and creamy béchamel sauce baked to golden perfection.

The Greeks have a unique talent of converting almost anything into pie, pita or dessert. Baklava is a perennial Greek pastry made with cinnamon, nuts and sweet syrup. Spanakopita is made from fresh green spinach leaves. There are plenty of choices on the list. Unfortunately we can’t include them all here but if that made your mouth water, go ahead and place your orders today!