Greek food delivery in Basingstoke

The Greeks love to eat different types of food. Unlike spicy Mexican dishes, Greek food includes basic seasonings on your spice shelf, therefore, it isn’t too spicy. Moreover, Greek cuisine isn’t laden with unhealthy oils that terrorise the heart and vital organs. The dishes make use of healthy olive oil that can keep you fit and healthy.

Dolmades (exotic salad stuffed in grape leaves), loucanico (moderately spicy Greek sausage served alongside sauces) and paidakia (roasted lamb chops) are a few examples of healthy Greek dishes to order for lunch. Although there are plenty of restaurants in Basingstoke that serve decent food, they are nothing special when compared to Deliveroo. Deliveroo’s ordering platform features local restaurants in Basingstoke that offer scrumptious Greek takeaways. If you don’t feel like heading outside, you can order Greek food for home delivery at Deliveroo.

Basingstoke: Why should you order healthy Greek food at Deliveroo?

For ages we’ve been hearing that Greek food is healthy, but are the claims actually true? Yes they are, if you go by the views of food critics and nutritionists. Greek cuisine is a healthy combination of red lean meat, veggies, fibrous bread, milk products, olive oils and exotic herbs that enhance its nutrition quotient.

For instance, dolmades is a popular Greek food that you can easily find in Basingstoke. Dolmades is made of stuffed rice, vegetables, meat or spices encased in grape leaves. It’s usually served at local restaurants and is a healthy appetiser since it doesn’t affect your calorie count too much. Souvlaki, which is made of skewered pork, chicken, lamb or beef meat is low in fat and rich in protein. When consumed alongside yogurt sauce, veggies and pita, it makes a healthy lunch takeaway.

If you’re fond of seafood, you can try taramosalata. It comprises of fish eggs served with carp roe mousse (traditional dip) and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can place orders for pikilla, pastitsio, moussaka and several other Greek dishes at Deliveroo’s online platform. Deliveroo’s featured restaurants offer home delivery too! So, you can munch on healthy Greek treats anytime!