Greek food delivery in Aberdeen

The Greeks are renowned for their passion for food. Oh how you love that tender cinnamon spiced lamb with eggplant, tomatoes and a little cheese on top. As luscious as it is, there's more to traditional Greek fare than authentic moussaka. Smell the onions, fresh garlic, mint, oregano, cinnamon and bay leaves! These are just some of the tantalizing aromas to come out of a Greek home or a Greek restaurant in Aberdeen city centre. Let Deliveroo take your food order and bring a Greek takeaway to your home or work. 

So, what's on your Deliveroo Greek menu today? Consider some fresh baked green beans with feta cheese. How about adding an appetizing carrot, cabbage and cucumber salad to your order? Maybe start with a simple leek and diced-pork stew. Otherwise, bite into some scrumptious Greek cheese balls (tirokroketes) as your hors d'oeuvre.

Greek food choices for Aberdonians

Begin your day with a Greek breakfast. Get a hearty start to the morning with dishes that'll fuel the fire. Milk pie (galatopita) or Greek pancakes with tahini will surely ignite the flame. Freshly baked olive bread and pastries, fruits, cheese, traditional yoghurts, and cold cuts all guarantee a nice energy boost at sunrise.  

Today, Aberdonians have lots of choices when it comes to Greek cuisine. Thanks to the options in home food delivery, the succulent flavors of Thessaly, Cyclades Crete and elsewhere can reach the dinner table with a few clicks. Whereas, healthy options include a fresh Greek salad. There's elliniki, mykonos, horiatiki, maroulosalata, roka, and of course the classic Caesar salad. Authentic Greek salads titillate the taste buds with freshly tossed greens, olives, feta cheese, red onion, cucumbers, tomato and a generous drizzling of olive oil.  

No Greek meal is complete without a customary dessert. Honey donuts (loukoumades), almond torte and Cretan cheesy pie with nuts and fresh honey will have any sweet tooth craving for more of the same. So don’t delay place your order today and Deliveroo will soon be knocking at your door with a scrumptious Greek meal.