Dessert delivery in York

A delicious, decadent dessert is the best way to end a great meal, especially here at Deliveroo! Indulged in one of our Indian meals? Tried a Thai? Munched a Mexican? Let Deliveroo top it all off with one of our brilliant desserts, made fresh to order by professional chefs in the best restaurants in York. And the best part? Like our main meals, our desserts are ready for delivery straight to your door!

From the classics like cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, and fruit pies to interesting dessert delicacies from around the world, here at Deliveroo we have a great range of puddings on offer. As a market city, York has a tradition of sweet treats, continued by various bakeries and restaurants. So forget picking up a takeaway ice cream tub or a bland, cold cake from a supermarket. Deliveroo bring you exciting desserts on demand!

York: Dreamy desserts in a historic setting

Desserts didn't become prevalent in Western Europe until the Middle Ages, when sugarcane was transported around the world due to colonisation. Up until then, sugarcane was grown in India and traded to other Middle Eastern and Asian civilisations. The earliest desserts were probably dried fruits and honey, served as tributes to the gods. After the Industrial Revolution, desserts could be mass- produced cheaply, and they became even more available.

The word dessert originated in France, referring to food that was served after the main meal was cleared from the table. So, after you've polished off a fantastic meal from one of our authentic restaurants, we think you've earned a sweet treat! Here at Deliveroo, the finest restaurant-quality desserts are available with a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether you want a classic dessert like chocolate mousse, vanilla cheesecake, or an ice cream sundae, or you want to try something new, just visit our online dessert menu listings. We've searched York to bring you delicious puddings from the finest restaurants, prepared fresh to order by the best chefs, for delivery straight into your hands. The hard part? Choosing what to indulge in!