Dessert delivery in Southend-on-Sea

Dessert restaurants might be the new kid on the block but they are increasingly popular in Southend. When your sweet tooth is craving a bite, there are now a variety of mouth-watering options to treat yourself. Best of all, with Deliveroo, you can order in your favourite desserts without having to fight your way through gangs of kids smeared in chocolate sauce.

Inspired by international influences, we can offer desserts from all over the world. Crepes are a staple French street-food adopted by the UK as a fond favourite. Choose mouth-watering maple syrup for a crepe classic or select a Sicilian style crepe drizzled in Belgian chocolate. Our speedy service has teamed up with some of the very best local restaurants to deliver delicious desserts to your home. Just order online, and we’ll drop off your restaurant quality dessert delivery just as soon as we can.

Sweet sundaes and wonderful waffles: Southend’s got it covered

Southend is fast becoming a hub of exciting eateries. Most renowned for our admittedly delicious seafood or fish and chips on the go, Southenders are now spoilt for choice! Our specialist dessert restaurants have popped up over the last few years and introduced a whole new dining experience. Why restrict yourself to breakfast, lunch and dinner when a sneaky snack can be enjoyed any time of day?

Enjoy authentic American waffles with lashings of syrup or piled high with whipped cream and fresh fruit or a frozen yoghurt with inspired flavour combinations and tasty toppings. We also offer a variety of desserts from regular restaurants across many different cuisines. So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty tiramisu from Italy, a Key lime pie from America or a good old fashioned English apple pie, we can help you out.

Think gelato prepared by ancient Northern Italian techniques, flavoured with fruit, nuts or a wide range of different flavours. Like most of us, you probably don’t have a sprinkling of limoncello shavings to liven up your lemon sorbet or maybe you just don’t have time to flambé a banana. Leave it to the professionals and get ordering with Deliveroo!