Dessert food delivery in Portsmouth

Enjoy mouth-watering ice creams and iced frappes in Portsmouth. When you’re stuck in the office, a delivery of handmade ice cream can really brighten your day. Desserts in Portsmouth come from all around the world. You can have the traditional English desserts like Eton mess and apple crumble or you could go further afield with your tastes and have lemonopita from one of the fine Greek establishments in the area.

Get tempted with flan topped with fresh fruit and caramel sauce or go Spanish with miguelitos. You don’t have to have a rich dessert to enjoy it and Portsmouth makes dessert like no one else. Never wave the dessert menu away with Deliveroo; a great dessert is a slice of heaven. Plus, you can order from your sofa. There’s no hassle, no traffic, no queues, the delicious desserts will come to you!

Portsmouth: Quality traditional desserts available

If you have a sweet tooth you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer in Portsmouth. As the UK is a multicultural nation, there are desserts from every country in the world to choose from, including the traditional English desserts. Branch out and try something new with tarten riwbob – Welsh rhubarb tart with fresh cream and a cup of tea to balance it out!

Deliveroo have an entire section dedicated to desserts and if you want to try something a little different why not order in bread and butter pudding with an Irish whisky kick? It creates a memorable tast and is a grown-up dessert to complement a meal for two in your dining room. You’ll get a taste of Ireland without leaving this port city!

You may be a chocolate fiend and prefer something a little more decadent – for this you will love an espresso, chocolate and chilli cake. With Deliveroo, dessert doesn’t have to be a chore. Place your takeaway order from a selection of top-end restaurants and leave us to do the delivery; no hunting, no leaving the house – we’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to.