Dessert delivery in Northampton

Being a kid had its perks, but there was always someone telling you what you had to do at any given time. But now, you’re free to eat as much sweet stuff as you like - and even better, you can enjoy all the best desserts that local restaurants have to offer. Order a double-chocolate-chunk brownie topped with vanilla ice cream any time you like, and enjoy the flexibility of desserts delivered right to your door - courtesy of Deliveroo.

With Deliveroo, your next cherries jubilee or peach cobbler is just a click away. We have selections from some of the tastiest dessert restaurants in the Northampton area avaliable for you to browse. Select your favourite dishes and we'll bring them directly to your doorstep. Your apple pie will be hot from the oven, and your sundaes still cold and creamy. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Northampton: Indulge in delicate and divine desserts

Puddings are the ultimate in comfort food, and guaranteed to make you feel better after a hard day at work. Bite into a brownie, and you’ll feel the stress ebb away. That’s what dessert’s all about, whether it's a healthy fruit salad or a devilish slice of mud pie.

It goes without saying that the dessert experience shouldn’t include any additional stress, but that’s what you may get if you go out. Finding the perfect pudding can be exhausting - so instead, let us do the legwork. Discover your ideal dessert online, and get it brought to your door. Perhaps you’re in the mood for authentic Italian tiramisu, or a Japanese-inspired slide of matcha cheesecake. Whatever you’re after, let us provide it.

There’s great desserts available from restaurants across Northampton. Deliveroo works with some of the best in the area, allowing you to peruse through their menus from your smartphone. Once you’ve chosen your favourite hot fudge sundaes or triple-thick milkshake, send your order to us, and we’ll bring it back to you as quickly as we can. Order a box of cupcakes to share with friends, or a whole coffee cake all to yourself – we promise not to tell.