Dessert delivery in Newcastle

When’s a good time to eat a sweet treat? At the end of a banquet? A dinner party? Just because you fancy it? We say any time is the right time for a dessert. And we can help you get a restaurant-quality dessert delivered straight to your door. You don’t even have to eat a meal beforehand, if you don’t want to!

We’ve got together with the best restaurants all across Newcastle to show you exactly what you can sink your teeth into. Check out our comprehensive listings and simply order online (if you can decide what you want that is!). We’ll be at your door to drop off your delivery before you know it. From huge celebration gateaux to delicate pastries and good old-fashioned English puds like apple pie, we can bring you whatever you fancy for your takeaway treat. Enjoy!

Newcastle is the perfect place to order the perfect food for dessert

So, what sort of pudding do you want to order? Are you looking for cakes, pastries, puddings or pies? Or maybe all of the above if you’re feeding a big group. If you’re catering a large dinner party, ordering in a fancy dessert will make you the hero of the night – and all with minimal effort. That’s what we like to hear!

Italy is renowned for its delicious desserts, including traditional tiramisu, with the coffee-laced creamy cake guaranteed to hit the spot. And if you’re not a coffee lover, there are plenty of variations on the theme using fruit, chocolate and much more. A creamy panna cotta would be the perfect end to a large meal, thanks to its lightness. Serve with fruit coulis for extra tang.

Or you could go French with your pudding. Order some special gateaux to surprise your friends. Something like an opera cake will wow them and delight their taste buds at the same time. If you don’t want cake, loads of petit fours could do the trick, especially when served with coffee at the end of a banquet. Whatever you choose, maybe order two (or three) so you don’t run out!