Dessert delivery in Harrogate

From sprinkled Brazilian chocoballs to dark chocolate cake and deep-fried Dutch doughnuts, the world’s best desserts have arrived in Harrogate now. Tahiti’s po’e (fruit pudding) is a traditional barbecue dish baked in a fire pit and served in banana leaf. Likewise, Canadian nanaimo bars that hail from British Columbia are unbaked desserts with custard, wafer crust, butter icing and melted chocolate.

Black Forest cherry torte (Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte) from Germany is a tempting mixture of chocolate, cream, cherry and German fruit brandy. Not to mention the Sachertorte which is the overly sweet chocolate from Austria. These exotic desserts will whisk you away to a world of chocolaty dreams. You can order them at Deliveroo’s online platform from Harrogate restaurants which offer takeaways for home delivery so you can relish in sweet temptations anytime and anywhere.

Harrogate: Asian delicacies now served to your door

Some of the most delicious desserts come from Asia, for example, China, Japan, India and Indonesia. Rasmalai (nectar cream), a dessert that hails from Orissa is made from spongy cottage cheese balls dipped in thick, condensed milk. The sugary milk resembles clotted cream in structure. This subtly sweet food is sprinkled with saffron, slivered almonds, ground pistachios as well as cardamom to enhance its flavour, and is served chilled. Tangyuan from China is a traditional New Year sweet made from glutinous rice flour. It resembles sweet dumplings coated in syrupy broth and may be filled with black sesame seeds, red beans or peanuts.

Tangyuan is somewhat similar to Japanese mochi, which is made from glutinous rice shaped into circular balls, covered with a dollop of ice cream and served cold. Indonesian dadar is a combination of pancake and rolls. This green-coloured pancake is made from pandanus leaves; it’s stuffed with coconut sugar, fruits and nuts.

These Asian delights are now available in Harrogate. Order your favourite delicacies at Deliveroo’s online ordering platform, which features restaurants in Harrogate that offer takeaway home delivery for foodies like you!