Dessert delivery in Durham

Are you looking for the perfect end for your celebratory dinner party? Wanting the perfect sweet treat to end your meal? Or just wanting to tuck into your favourite sugary treat after a hard day at work? Whatever your reason for looking for the ideal pudding, Deliveroo can help you out! From cakes to puddings, pies to tarts and macarons to petit fours, we have it all.

We work with the best restaurants across all kinds of cuisines in Durham, all of which offer amazing desserts. These puddings are lovingly created by professional chefs and reflect superior quality fare. So, any takeaway you order with us for home delivery is guaranteed to be fresh, hot (if appropriate) and extremely enjoyable. Have a look at our extensive listings and order online with us for the finest desserts in Durham. Just make sure you order enough to go around.

Durham: Discover delectable desserts with Deliveroo

We can offer you desserts for home delivery from a number of different cuisines. Try something from American restaurants for something delicious and comforting. Choose from different pies, ranging from Key lime to pumpkin, or a slice of Mississippi Mud Pie with a side of ice cream. Talking of which, you could have a Knickerbocker Glory with all the trimmings for a party dessert, or go for a traditional apple pie and cream. Delicious.

Or perhaps you’d like to go Italian with your dessert order. You could go for gelato, the world famous Italian ice cream that comes in almost endless varieties. Or you could order in some tiramisu. This classic coffee-soaked dessert is sponge layered with mascarpone, and provides amazing constrating flavours. If you’re not a coffee lover, don’t worry: there's plenty of other puddings out there.

For something truly spectacular you could order a French croquembouche. This tower of profiteroles is decorated with spun sugar and is a traditional celebratory centre piece in French cuisine. Enjoy one at your dinner party and your guests will leave very full, and very happy! Now you just have to choose.