Dessert delivery in Derby

Somehow a meal never feels quite complete without dessert. Then again, sometimes dessert by itself is a temptation that’s hard to resist. That sweet tooth deserves something special and we at Deliveroo are here to help. Have a look through our restaurant and menu options for Derby and see exactly what’s available for your delectation.

We at Deliveroo don’t much care for traditions that stop you enjoying life. We don’t see why anyone should have to go out to a restaurant for a good meal if what they really want to do is chill out at home and eat something delicious. That’s why we deliver seriously good food directly to you. It’s not just a takeaway – it’s something a bit special. All you need to do is check out the listings options and decide what to have. Then submit your order and we’ll do the delivery. Delightful dessert awaits!

Derby: A dessert-lover’s heaven

Alongside its fascinating history, Derby has some incredible eateries. A dessert-lover isn’t hard-pressed to find some really delicious puds in the area and the best thing is that we’ll deliver them all to your door. So now the only question is: what do you choose?

A hugely popular sweet treat in the UK at the moment is American
-style dessert. Stacks of thick, fluffy white pancakes come with all manner of toppings, from ice cream and flavoured syrups to fresh fruit. Sometimes they’re even served up with that most American of foods – peanut butter! Of course there are Belgian waffles too. Drizzled in a rich chocolate sauce and cream, these make for a very luxurious dessert.

Not forgetting the classics side, there’s the world-famous gelato. Coming in every flavour under the Italian sun, from creamy vanilla to refreshing lemon, and of course the timeless pistachio, this is a rather sophisticated way to indulge. If that’s a little bit too unadventurous though, then a sundae might be more the thing. With the banana, ice cream, chewy chocolate brownie and flourishes of whipped cream and strawberry sauce.