Dessert delivery in Coventry

A meal just isn’t over until you’ve had something sweet, right? Then again maybe you want to skip the savoury part and go straight for a pudding. We love it! Being a bit naughty once in a while is what we’re all about and we’ve got a fantastic selection of desserts perfect for everyone. Have a look through our dessert restaurant and menu options for Coventry and get stuck in!

We at Deliveroo understand that sometimes going out to a restaurant is just too much to face. Getting dressed up, waiting for a table and the noise of other diners is a bit draining sometimes. That’s why we take pride in bringing top quality restaurant food to you. Choose something from our menus, place your order and wait for our delivery- it’s as simple as that. It’s a takeaway that’s a cut above the rest.

Coventry: For devilishly good dessert

When it comes to dessert everyone has their own idea of perfection. For some, it has to include chocolate and for others it has to involve citrus flavours for the ultimate in sweet refreshment. Whatever your preferences, we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected some of Coventry’s top restaurants so that we can bring you the best food around.

There’s a real trend now for American-style desserts and it looks set to stay. It’s no surprise that these puddings are so popular; it’s impossible to resist the stacks of pancakes with syrup, creamy ice cream and fresh fruit. It’s equally hard to say no to waffles draped in rich chocolate sauce and sprinkled with those cute miniature marshmallows.

The classics are also tempting. Italian gelato comes in such a wide range of flavours that it is almost a cuisine in itself. Chocolate is a timeless choice and lemon makes for a nice sorbet-type finish, but pistachios might have to take the crown here. For something a bit more filling, that traditional Italian dessert, tiramisu, definitely ticks the box. With its coffee-soaked sponge and cream layers, it might just be perfection!