Dessert delivery to your door in Chelmsford

Fancy a nice hot slice of chocolate fudge cake or passionate about profiteroles? Try our new diverse range of menus from one of the many fine restaurants in the Chelmsford area. Chocoholics can get their fix here – and you won’t regret taking a look at our huge variety of choice. From a simple chocolate brownie to a huge sharing sundae, we can bring exactly what you want to your door; no hassle required. So don’t worry about nipping back out to the shop if you forgot the dessert, we at Deliveroo are here to help you to make sure that pudding is on the table. 

With a plethora of cakes, pastries and creamy options available, you really are spoilt for choice. Why not try a Greek dessert or one from Italy? Either way, our menus cater for all. So if you’re crazy for a certain pudding, place an order now. 

Chelmsford: The place to be for all things sweet!

Simply put, dessert completes a superb meal – there’s no doubt about it. Therefore, it would be foolish to overlook a pudding, especially when you can buy individual portions of most puddings to accommodate for your guests’ desires. From epic bowls to serve at a party to light bites in the afternoon, we have you covered and you will be watering at the mouth ahead of your next big dessert order.

For children, there are smaller dessert portions available too. A simple scoop of ice cream and some chocolate sauce may do the job or a small slab of key lime pie may also do the trick – either way, it isn’t a big deal, we can sort it. After all, we will try to make the order to delivery process as simple as possible for our customers.

The Chelmsford restaurant scene is buzzing, but Deliveroo are helping to bridge the gap between going out for a meal and ordering a takeaway. So sit back and relax, let us do the hard work, and we will get your food directly to your door. Select your treats now, before sitting back to await your tasty delivery within minutes!