Dessert delivery in Cambridge

Dessert is arguably the most exciting part of any meal. You’ve dived through two dishes of exemplary food and all you need to top it off is a rich and creamy coffee alongside a sweet, moist Victoria sponge. But who is to say that dessert has to come after a big fancy meal? What happens if you’ve got cakey cravings that need to be met now? Well, fear not, because Deliveroo are here.

Satisfy your sweet tooth by ordering some sweet food, and we will bring you a delicious restaurant-quality takeaway pudding. Whether you are batty for Battenberg, ecstatic about Eton mess, or crazy for Chelsea buns, our dessert section hosts a wide range of restaurants and bakeries who’ve already preheated the ovens. So, Deliveroo have the hard work covered, just sit back and relax, whilst our dedicated delivery team race it across town to your door.

Cambridge: Get delicious desserts brought to your door

Sure, we won’t judge anyone for nipping out to their favourite restaurant for a quick slice of cake – but it’s more inconvenient to stay at home. You don’t have to brave the elements, or the potentially long queues. Instead of all that hassle, sit at home and we’ll bring your banoffee pie right to you.

We’ll go to your favourite restaurant, pick up your proper-tasty jam roly-poly pudding and deliver it straight to your door – nobody will ever need to know. With cakes and treats galore, everyone should have the opportunity to try the best desserts in Cambridge, with or without the complementing full course meal. After all, there’s cake out there, and somebody needs to eat it.

Deliveroo are also here for when you’re after something a little fancier – when that regular old slice of cake or ice cream sundae won’t do. We have all the options covered and of course, we’ve partnered with only the most reputable restaurants in the city, so you’re guaranteed high-quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best dessert in Cambridge, order now with Deliveroo and before you know it, you’ll be in sweet paradise.