Dessert delivery in Belfast

You don’t have to have a full three-course meal to enjoy dessert, you know. Of course, if you’re holding a party for family and friends, ordering in dessert from your favourite restaurant would certainly make your life easier. But even if you just fancy digging into some key lime pie all by yourself in front of the TV, that’s OK too! At Deliveroo, we’ve come up with listings of premium restaurants across Belfast. All you have to do is decide which sweet treat you’re in the mood for, order online through Deliveroo, and we’ll bring it to your door.

If you’re eager for a dessert delivery, search through our menus so you can choose and order as soon as possible! Whether you’re in the mood for a big celebratory cake to share with lots of people, or lots of little desserts, there’s something for you in our menus.

Belfast: A city with an endless array of delicious desserts

From the truly decadent to the nice and simple, Belfast is a cornucopia of fantastic dessert delights. Your only problem is going to be making your choice…although you could always order a few to last all week. We won’t judge! Perhaps you’re in the mood for a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fondant, oozing with warm, chocolate sauce, or a cute little cupcake covered in thick icing.

With fresh, delicious ingredients combined with the skill of top dessert chefs, there’s so much to enjoy when it comes to puddings and desserts in Belfast. From enormous Rocky Road chocolate gateaux to delicate French mille-feuille and macarons, there’s a lot of choice for every possible occasion. For something a bit traditional, order some American-style fro-yo (frozen yoghurt), which comes in a seemingly endless array of flavours and toppings.

You can even find (almost) guilt-free desserts. Try a cheesecake made from raw ingredients, or a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free recipe - if available, of course. Patisserie and pastries, cheesecakes and pies, old fashioned apple pie and rhubarb crumble – there as many desserts available as there are people with different tastes. Just order your takeaway food and enjoy!