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Who's up for pizza? It's one of Lincoln's most popular takeaways. Thin crust or deep pan – choose your favourite. What about choosing the timeless elegance of a traditional margarita? Or how about a stuffed-style pizza – order a calzone or stromboli? Maybe you want to turn up the heat and go with an American hot with pepperoni and jalapeno? Take your pick from one of Lincoln's favourite cuisines – we deliver the best pizzas to your table.

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Best-rated Pizza restaurants in Lincoln

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Zizzi - Lincoln

 4.3 Very good (50+)

I didn't receive the correct pizza that I ordered. But the food was delicious.


Everything was delicious but my pizza wasn't cut up, I've ordered before and it was in slices so that was what I expected


Food was great but was missing part of my order

Wildwood - Lincoln

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Pizza slightly overdone, and could have arrived abit warmer, however extremely good taste!


£5 for a pizza and a drink is a great deal for great quality food.


Loved the pizzas! Got a fantastic deal too. We got one original cheese margherita and one with vegan cheese. It would have been useful to mark somewhere on the box which was the one with vegan cheese on it. Though, I rang wildwood to enquire and they were able to tell me which was which! Thank you :)

Pizza Planet - Lincoln

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Really great, very quick, not cold and great general service, thank you!


I enjoyed the pizza but I expected it to be thinner from the advert. Also more sauce would be great!


Great service, great pizza, highly recommended. Best in Lincoln ☝️

1001 - Lincoln - PizzaExpress

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

Pizza was perfectly cooked, well seasoned but more importantly had a nice balance of flavour. It could have done better with a touch more garlic butter to give the pizza an extra lift. Otherwise, good job indeed.


This pizza is the best, I'll keep ordering it forever


We ordered the vegan pizza and meat pizza. Still hot on arrival, and tasted great. Driver was very polite :)

Jimmy's - Lincoln

 < 3.5  (50+)

I received the wrong dessert but they were still nice

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