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The old market town of Hitchin is known for its mediaeval buildings but the range of cuisine available at its many eateries reflects contemporary flavours. With a range of pizza takeaways that can be delivered directly to you, you can put your feet up. There are ingredients such as the dry-cured prosciutto ham, pancetta and a variety of popular cheeses such as mozzarella and gorgonzola that should capture the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean. Pizzas come in various sizes so you can eat alone or share with friends. Stuffed crusts bursting with garlic and mozzarella are variations that can bring extra flavour to a pizza Margherita of cheese and tomato or a marinara with a thick tomato sauce seasoned with the warm spiciness of cloves. The quattro stagioni with its quartered toppings resembles the four seasons. With delicious ingredients such as artichoke hearts, prosciutto ham and sun-ripened tomatoes, it's a centrepiece that's great for sharing with friends. For a satisfying meal, there's the rolled-up pizza stromboli with its delicious fillings of spinach and tomato or salami, pepperoni and chorizo. So if you're itching in Hitchin for a pizza takeaway, you can trust Deliveroo to deliver every time.

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Do you have a craving for some tasty vegan Pizza? Try ordering from Zizzi - Hitchin and Hitchin - PizzaExpress to get your meat free fix.

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We can deliver a mouth-watering pizza in Hitchin for on average £20

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