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A magnificent city with a long history, Belfast has lots to offer to visitors and residents: great shopping, fascinating local attractions and friendly people. Could you possibly want more? A delicious meal at the end of a long day or during your lunch break, perhaps! So what's pizza takeaway in Belfast like? The answer? Amazing. There are pizza outlets in most areas of the city, so options are plenty. Whether it's Italian pizza you adore, with its thin crust, fresh tomato bases and tasty vegetable toppings with melting mozzarella cheese, you'll get it all around Belfast. Or if you prefer US-style pizza with its deep-pan crust and rich sauces, loaded with a variety of meats, you'll be able to order that too. If you are vegan, plenty of establishments accomodate. You can also get gluten-free or whole-wheat pizzas. Some of the most popular pizzas in Belfast are Pepperoni Pizza and Margherita - but no one is forcing you to order those! So, take your time to browse the menu, and Deliveroo will then make sure it gets to your door piping hot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some healthy Pizza to be delivered direct to your door? Give Fit Food Kitchen a go for a hit of our healthiest food.

Do you have a craving for some tasty vegan Pizza? Try ordering from Victoria Square - PizzaExpress, Ⓜ️Tasty Bird and Pug Uglys to get your meat free fix.

Enticed by some gluten-free Pizza brought right to you? We’ve got you covered when you order from Victoria Square - PizzaExpress, Pizza Punks - Belfast and St Anne

We can deliver a great pizza between the hours of 10am and 3am.

We can deliver a mouth-watering pizza in Belfast for on average £15

The most ordered pizzas includes Pepperoni Monster Pizza and Margherita Pizza.

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