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There is no better way to enjoy Lebanese food than having a takeaway in Portsmouth. This city is a haven of Lebanese food with dishes such as baba ghanoush, kibbeh nayeh, manakeesh, and falafel bringing joy to many. The meals are prepared with authentic spices and ingredients. Other foods you can takeaway include shish taouk which is made from juicy and tender chicken meat. The tenderness comes from being marinated overnight in a pinch of tomato paste, lemon juice, yoghurt, and paprika. It is then nicely roasted and delivered with pita for you to make a delicious sandwich to bite into. You can also have Shawarma, a recipe made of roasted meat that has been shaved off a kebab. It is served with vegetables and sauces, whether it's garlic or chilli, on pita. Each bite you take will make you appreciate the taste of Lebanese food. Or how about tabbouleh? This Levantine salad is made with mint, tomatoes, bulgur and onions, with the base being parsley, and then rounded off with some olive oil and seasonings. Each restaurant might have its own tabbouleh recipe that adds some extra ingredients, and the same can be said of any of the other traditional dishes. Discover your favourite ones by ordering a takeaway through Deliveroo.

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