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Everything tastes better when you eat it with chopsticks. No wonder Chinese food has millions of fans across the globe. Whether you’re enjoying dumplings at high tea or simply a sweet and sour Chinese takeaway in Leicester, Chinese cuisine always hits the spot. In China, vegetables are as delicious as the proteins they’re served with. You’ll get to enjoy tree fungi, bitter cucumber, and pomelos that will ramp up your health in a hundred delicious ways. Chinese cuisine is inspired by the region that prepares it. Cantonese chefs adore sweet meats, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic. Its delicacies are addictive, yet mild. The same can’t be said for Szechuan cuisine - a firecracker cooking style that makes liberal use of chilli peppers. You might never have heard of Shandong cooking, but you’ve probably enjoyed its influences. The region is famous for quick frying with honey, peanuts, and shrimps. From rice and noodle dishes to curries and soups, you will get what your heart desires. Deliveroo has hunted for Leicester's favourite Chinese takeouts, so join us on a culinary adventure today. You do the ordering, we do the delivering. Simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy Chinese takeaway, look no further than Wok In Wok Out (Welford Road) for some feel good food.

If you’re looking for vegan Chinese food, then give some flavoursome meat free food from Karamay Western China Cuisine a go.

We deliver great Chinese food between the hours of 10am and 11pm.

The average Chinese meal in Leicester costs £15.

The most ordered Chinese dishes includes Spicy Tofu with Beef Rice and Oodles Mix Box No.1.

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