Order Chinese takeaway from nearby York restaurants

Everyone knows where to find a Chinese takeaway. The takeaway is a cultural icon in Britain, with Indian, Chinese, and pizza being the heavyweights. But here at Deliveroo, we do things differently. For takeaway with a twist, try this. What if you could order restaurant-quality food from authentic Chinese restaurants in York and have it delivered straight to your door? Well, with Deliveroo, you can!

As one of the oldest cultures in the world, China has a rich culinary history. Based around rice, noodles, and vegetables, Chinese food is rich and varied. Shake off the boring western sweet and sour and explore the real tastes of China with Deliveroo. We've searched the historic cathedral city of York to bring you a selection of authentic Chinese restaurants who can deliver authentic Chinese food straight to your door!

York: Chinatown within York's Great Wall

Chinese cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, with each distinct region of China utilising different influences and flavours in their cooking. Here at Deliveroo, we bring you all of them right here in York. With a huge influx of tourists and a large student population, York boasts a big food scene. And at the top of the food chain is Chinese cuisine.

Chinese food is largely based around rice or noodles. In Imperial China, the north's staple was noodles, whereas in the south food was based around rice. That distinction influences much of today's Chinese cuisine. In Britain, the two most well-known Chinese cuisines are Cantonese, originating in the Southern province of Guangdong, and Sichuan, which is from the south-west province of the same name. With Deliveroo, you can explore the wonders of Chinese cuisine. Choose from well-known dishes like chow mein or Peking duck, or try something traditional like char sui pork, kung pao chicken or dim sum dumplings.

Here at Deliveroo, we aim to bring the joys of Chinese food straight to your doorstep with the most authentic dishes freshly made to order by professional chefs in authentic Chinese restaurants right