Chinese takeaway from nearby Southampton restaurants

In the UK, Chinese takeaway is a firm favourite and it’s not hard to see why. Southampton has some excellent Chinese restaurants amongst its fine array of eateries and we’ve got found some of the best. One look at our menus and we know your mouth will be watering.

However you most prefer to enjoy your food, with Deliveroo you can. Our delivery service means that there isn’t any of the usual hassle of restaurants. There’s no waiting for a table and no noisy neighbours. Instead there’s just a great takeaway meal enjoyed in your own home. Dress up or dress down, use chopsticks or a good old knife and fork- it’s totally up to you. The process is simple, just check out the delicious restaurant and menu options, pick a few dishes and place your order. Then just get yourself ready for a great Chinese meal.

Southampton: Top Chinese with absolute ease

With all those centuries of tradition behind it Chinese food has a lot to offer, and so do the talented chefs of Southampton’s top restaurants. Whatever you choose to order today, with Deliveroo you know it’ll be of an excellent standard. What to pick though…?

Dim sum is a very popular choice in the UK. Originally these delicate parcels of food were served to travellers in China, but since those days things have come a long way. Now dim sum is highly refined and offers an adventurous palate a great many flavours and textures. The pork bun is a simple classic, the light spongy dough set off well by the sweet pork in the middle. Shaomai are another tasty number. These miniature steamed dumplings contain either prawns or pork, or sometimes even both, and are formed of thin wheat flour.

After a few dim sum, a timeless dish such as sweet and sour chicken is a good plan. The contrasting flavours play off one another beautifully and go well with egg fried rice. Of course, a chow mein dish is pretty hard to resist with those bean sprouts and noodles. All that’s left is to order online with Deliveroo!