Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Reading restaurants

As a university town famed for its annual festival, Reading is constantly buzzing with people clamouring for great gourmet food choices and with China having as many as eight different types of cuisine, you can’t get more gourmet than that! Whether you enjoy the spiciest Chinese cooking or prefer a milder tasting dish, Chinese food include savoury noodles, sticky rice and fresh vegetables that cater for all. Settling in for the night with a hot bowl of Miso soup or pork chow mein brought to you by Deliveroo can make your evening great. 

If you’re cooking for family and simply don’t have the time, Deliveroo is online and readily available whenever you get home to order aromatic crispy and platters of spring rolls. Put your feet up and log in and it won’t be long until you’re enjoying some of the most delicious, hot Chinese food at your dining table. 

Reading: Chinese cuisine on tap with Deliveroo

Chinese cuisine has evolved so much over the years that its arrival in Reading has been big. With restaurants and takeaways popping up all over town, Chinese food is a popular option with the locals for lunch or dinner. With the freshest ingredients used in traditional Chinese cuisine, you can find flavours from Cantonese to Sichuan options and these flavours incorporate balanced spices. The Chinese restaurants in Reading are proud of the food they produce and there is so much choice available! Get your teeth into delicious dim sum, Chinese curry and sumptuously crispy seaweed. 

There are plenty of options for meat substitutes with deep fried tofu often used instead of chicken or beef to bulk out meals. Prefer something with meat? No problem, with chicken, duck, prawn and beef dishes featuring heavily on Chinese menus you won’t be disappointed. Stir fried egg noodles with shredded beef is a hugely popular dish bursting with flavour. 

Deliveroo is always on hand when you want to curl up in front of a film and put going out to one side. Especially after a long day of working, traipsing through the city to find the best food or having to cook is so much effort!