Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Portsmouth restaurants

With extensive menu options, you won’t be short of choices when you search Deliveroo’s online listings for Chinese food in Portsmouth. Combine a plate of chunky English chips with an authentically made curry sauce for a snack with style. Whether you have a favourite Chinese dish or not, you will love the full flavours of the East in Portsmouth. With many years of experience, expert authentic chefs prepare your dishes to the highest standards for your delectation. Then, we’ll deliver your order to you at home.

Order soft, plump dumplings in a Chinese stew for something a little different. Set the table with chopsticks and get ready to read your fortune in a cookie – you’re about to sit down to an Asian fused feast with Deliveroo. Our dedicated team will race across town with your order in no time – it’s hassle free for you. What’s not to like?

Portsmouth: Chinese food connoisseurs in England

Portsmouth is a university and port city, and there’s no shortage of cuisines available, of which Chinese is one of the most popular. Chinese cooking is all about fresh food and good flavours and making those flavours balance. You can bet that when you order gourmet Chinese food, the chefs preparing your order know exactly what they are doing and which ingredients complement each other well.

Choose to go for a whole meal of side orders with salt and pepper king prawns, sesame prawn toast and crispy seaweed – using smaller dishes means you can experience a little bit of everything. Settle down for the evening with crunchy duck pancakes and shan tung chicken. Plenty of restaurants across Portsmouth offer clever, modern takes on traditional Chinese flavours. Go for the wagyu beef semur, crispy duck rolls and pulled pork on steamed bao.

The Chinese know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to cooking seafood and their menus are brimming with fresh live lobster, abalone, king and mud crab. You don’t have to pound the pavements looking for the best Chinese takeaway when Deliveroo are here and happy to do all the hard work for you.