Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Nottingham restaurants

Nottingham, if you have a craving for cashew chicken or you’re fixated on General Tso’s, we don’t blame you. And, here at Deliveroo we endeavour to bring you the largest range of Chinese fare around, after teaming up with the best restaurants in the city. What’s more, our dedicated delivery team will then bring the food right to your door. Simply browse our online menus and pick your favourite, we’ll take care of the rest.

Nottingham is no stranger to top-notch Chinese food. However, the delicious flavours of sweet and sour chicken or egg drop soup can be offset by the distracting and distressing restaurant experience. Crowded tables and long queues abound, which can impact your overall night. So, we think there’s a better way. Instead of braving the elements, stay at home, put your feet up and place your order from the sofa. Sounds better, doesn’t it!?

A delicious range of Chinese choices with Deliveroo!

We don’t need to sell you on the idea that Chinese food delivery is a new concept, but Deliveroo takes selection and service to the next level. Utilising our smartphone app or our online listings, feast your eyes on some of the finest Chinese restaurants in the Nottingham area. Choose your favourite dishes, from beef and broccoli to crab rangoons, and then submit your order. It really is that simple.

Our reliable riders will then happily deliver your order directly to your doorstep. Chinese food is great for larger portions, which means that you’ll have no pressure to eat that sesame chicken in one go. Another perk of home dining: the leftovers can go directly into the refrigerator! Plus, if you have friends round, the plethora of choices will leave everyone satisfied.

So tonight, you should try out the newest Chinese food restaurant in town – the one in your very own home. Deliveroo make it easy to have sumptuous pepper steak, whilst avoiding the stressful restaurant experience. You just might find that your kitchen table is your family’s new favourite restaurant. That’s a dinner with all the sweet, and none of the sour!